Race Kings

Race Kings MOD APK
Developer: Hutch Games Android Version:4.4 and up The Size:25M Current Version:1.51.2847


Race Kings MOD combines fast pace, a need for dexterity, and off worlds feel that is very retro and totally unique. The game is simple enough for younger people to enjoy but it has a complex overlay that even expert gamers will find challenging and competitive.

The objective is fairly simple. You fly your spacecraft through a series of geometric landscapes. The landscapes try to kill you. Each landscape’s geometry has a unique killing style. You get money, power, and protective screens by speeding through each environment as quickly as possible. You get help from your previous failures because your last flight shows up to guide you from making the same errors as before. Race Kings is basically a two-finger game. You can control directions and speeds with just two fingers regardless of the platform you are playing on. Short mission time means you can play on breaks or halt and resume. The distance counter is your competition monitor.

  • Colorful arcade style graphics.
  • Game offers a variety of spacecraft and terrain.
  • All the data you need to know is available all the time as you play.

Race Kings MOD APK is a fast arcade type game. The game is easy to learn but difficult to master. Worldwide competition is included and 16 languages.

Race Kings MOD APK
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